A unique antique floor lamp lights up your life in a way standard lighting devices are unable to. Having an antique styled floor lamp provides a touch of romance, class, and adds sophistication to any home.

The antique floor lamp is a versatile lighting device that can be added to any part of your house or office. It is one of the most popular styles of floor lamp, loved by most people it is a common choice for consumers due to its elegant outlook and clear light.

It comes in a variety of different sizes, colours and shapes allowing you to choose in accordance with your own style and existing decor.

Authentic antique floor lamps do tend to be more expensive however those on a budget need not miss out, there are bargains to be found, or alternatively the same classic atmosphere can also be enjoyed with a more affordable replica, allowing you to turn your home into a palace.

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If you happen to be looking for a wonderful investment in the beauty of your home, you should seriously consider antique furniture visit at interioraura.com for more info. This sort of investment, however, doesn’t come inexpensively. As a result, you should take great precautions to properly care for your antique furniture. In addition to the beauty and tradition that is part and parcel of owning antique furniture the wonderful memories that this furniture can evoke as well as the educational value of it make it an even greater investment.

To properly care for your antique furniture you will need to do more than the occasional dusting with a can of Pledge. You must also protect your furniture from the damage that can be caused by environmental effects as well as the climate and amount of activity that it will be subjected to. Kids and antiques are not necessarily great mates.

You may be surprised to discover that ultra violet rays are one of the most damaging things to which you can expose your wood or fabric antique furniture. For this reason it is a good idea to make sure you store your antique furniture far away from windows that allow direct sunlight into the room. Not only will these rays cause bleaching and cracking of the wood they will also cause fabrics to fade over time. Buying heavy-duty drapes can help reduce exposure of this beautiful furniture to harmful ultraviolet rays as well as treating it with furniture oil or wood polish that is specifically designed to protect wood from ultra violet damage.

By keeping the rooms in which you store your antique furniture at a fairly consistent temperature and avoiding excessive or extreme highs or lows you can also extend the life and beauty of your furniture. Extreme temperatures can cause the furniture to rapidly expand and contract resulting in cracked wood. You should also work to avoid exposing your antique furniture to humidity. Humidity creates an environment that is favorable for bacteria to grow in fabric and mold to grow on wood, neither of which are attractive situations for your antique furniture.

Lighting is an essential feature of any home; it plays a vital role in illuminating the empty spaces of your home. Everyone needs light too make the ambiance look brighter. Lighting not only adds to the decor of your home but also ensures right visibility in your home. You should create an ambiance in your living area that gives us a comfortable experience when you try to relax. You need to have controlled lighting to ensure a harmonious aura in your dining, living and bedroom areas. If you want to lend your home a vintage look, you can go for antique lighting.

Whether you are looking for antique lights that reflect your classic and refined taste, or you want something that looks traditional yet stylish, you can opt for antique lights that will create the look you desire within your budget. Antique lights can be costly, but you can get them at lucrative prices if you know the right place to buy them from. If you are looking for a particular style or design, the first thing you need to do is research. Do some research on the kinds of lights available in the market that can solve different purposes and look for the one you have in your mind for your home.

You will find innumerable catalogs with information on antique lights and their styles. They will give a rough idea about distinctive features of different lights to help you choose the right light for your home. The information will also help you judge whether the light you are choosing is a real antique light, a reproduction or a fresh design. Shopping online for these lights will save your time, money and effort. Online stores, unlike physical stores, provide you with relevant and essential information on the product you are looking for and give you ample options at reasonable prices to choose from.If you do not want an antique light piece, reproductions can help you get the similar look at a very low price. Little research on reproductions will help you get genuine reproductions.

Antique lighting reproductions are usually designed very carefully to mimic the pattern and style of the original antique pieces. They are not expensive than the original ones and come at reasonable prices.

Add Warmth with Antique Fireplace Mantels

This brings us to the topic of mantels, which are the focal point of any home with a fireplace. It is the place where you put up family pictures, art, little souvenirs from trips around the globe and also the place where Christmas decorations are put up or stockings are hung up. This is the reason why so many people are looking at custom-made mantels and not the regular ones available in stores… so before you head out to buy yourself a fireplace mantel you need to be aware of certain things and be sure of what you want.

Firstly you need to decide on the look of your fireplace mantel. Are you the sort who likes the contemporary kind or are you more of an antique person? If you have decided on antique fireplace mantels, then read on; don’t start gearing up to go hunt for your perfect antique mantel just yet. You need to consider whether you want one in stone, or in wood; these have quite a history attached to them.

Wooden mantels have had a place in history since before World War I, where they were used in homes and often jazzed up with mirrors or paintings. Owning a wooden fireplace mantel is like owning a piece of history. But remember, wood will be expensive to own (can cost almost $1500) and high maintenance. You can find a wide variety of mantels with oak, maple or cherry finishes. A sturdy antique fireplace mantel will last you and your family for generations and will surely become an heirloom piece if it isn’t already.

Stone mantels on the other hand cannot be called antique in the truest sense, unless it has been passed down from generations. These have a more medieval effect and add a touch of the yesteryears to any home. These are generally carved or chiseled from stonewalls and this is what gives them the medieval touch. They are generally made of marble, granite or limestone. The price of the fireplace mantel varies according to the stone and if it is antique stone then the price can reach $2000.


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